Eyeshield 21 281: A Decisive Battle to Take Place!

Eyeshield 21 280 was so awesome. What made it great was that it didn’t waste a single page. Many series (which will be unnamed) have the tendency to drag out events but in one chapter we had at the very minimum 4 character developments (Monta, Yuki, Agon, Harashima) and a small hint towards Yamato true style. Who would have expected Agon to come back right now, in this way, and even more surprising, admitting his defeat against Yamato!?And at least we know Teikoku has a dumb guy that may probably be the one Juumonji will face.

And then we get to see Habashira again! I was kinda wondering what he was up to, and in the end it seems he wanted to pay hommage in his way to Deimon… The guy’s a softy at heart.

I predict that some pre-match stir between Teikoku and Deimon (3bros vs baldy?) in the chapter 281 of the Eyeshield 21.I wanna see Karin-chan more too.

Next chapter: Eyeshield 21 281



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