NARUTO 400: ITACHI’s Hell!!!!

In NARUTO 399, MADARA told SASUKE the UCHIHA clan’s events in the past. It’s something about the enmity between UCHIHA and SENJU. MADARA said that ITACHI was a spy assigned by HOKAGE. And this is the reason that ITACHI killed the whole clan. Is that all the truth? At This time, SASUKE has been inability to judge. Because there are so many things happened to him, coupled with serious injuries in his body, his mind must be very confusing. Under such circumstances, even if SASUKE do not believe MADARA’s world, it will have a certain impact to him.

And MADARA’s purpose is to make SASUKE hate KONAHA. However, there are many doubtful points in MADARA’s words: if ITACHI is a spy, how can he kill the whole clan by himself? And the UCHIHA clan was already for a coup; but if ITACHI is not a spy, why UCHIHA clan gave up the coup and was willing to be killed by ITACHI?

It seems that these questions must be answered in the chapter 400-ITACHI’s hell!!!

Next chapter:NARUTO 400



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