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Captain Tsubasa 53:Japan Will Win This Match!!!

May 4, 2008
Tsubasa tries another Sky Dive, but fails. Kojiro shows Espadas what the true Raiju shoot is.
Probably gonna be similar to the battle when they fought against Italy.
I wonder how in the the world will Hino score against Gino in the chapter 53. He was one of the best goalkeepers. Old Japan/Old Germany had a hard time to score Gino. but then again, he couldn’t catch Huyga’s Neo Tiger shoot, so I think he couldn’t catch Raiju either.
Japan ties against Mexico (the battle is already over right? No more time). Uruguay crushes Italy because Hino beat the crap out of the Huyga with Neo Tiger shoot. I’ll be surprised if Italy win the match, but it’s hard to tell since when Uruguay arrived, their players were so messed up.
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