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The Predictions of Eyeshield21 chapter280!

May 6, 2008
The art in Eyeshield 21 279 is amazingly detailed that I can’t take my eyes off not even a small panel! But yeah, not much happening in this chapter in the end, but that still didn’t prevent it from being awesome. Gotta admire Sena’s brain once in a while, as he pretty much did the only thing that would have been able to wake up Monta’s spirit (though he was wrong stating he got gloves from all the receivers Monta faced since Kamaguruma and Kisaragi aren’t receivers, but who cares about details).

More development about Hiruma. I’m expecting to see his parents/father/siblings at last, maybe visiting Deimon while the Kekekemachine isn’t there to talk with the other Deimon players.More HiruMamo and SenaSuzu development. Like for Hiruma’s background, if it’s not taking place now, when will it ever? it’s not like there’s much space for romantic developments in the middle of a match, and if the series is ending with the CB, it’s not like much will be happening after it as well I can especially picture Suzuna dragging Sena on a date for whatever reason (maybe not long before the CB, if Sena’s stressing out too much). HiruMamo moments have always been more subtle, so I can’t think of something of that extent happening, but it’d still be nice seeing some more development of it, for example during the part about Hiruma’s background. Hiruma’s mom : “So you’re my son’s girlfriend? Please take good care of him.” Mamori : “I-am-the-team’s manager!”

Ah, and I just can’t help but wonder what’s Yamato’s “that”. That’s not his powerful, unstoppable run he was using at Notre dame, since Taka said he never got to show it (and I think, for some reason, that Karin would know if Yamato had used it in an official match before, she’s probably well informed on all her teammates’ strength… though for some reason Yamato doesn’t seem to have told her about the “that”. Keeping secrets from your own really cute quarterback is not something a player should do, baka Yamato!). So what the heck can it be? Let’s look forward to Eyeshield 21 280!